Monday, April 14, 2008

The Hanks Question of the Week

This week's question is inspired by us going to see The Mythbusters speak in a couple of hours - what knitting/crochet/fiber question would you ask the Mythbuster guys?


Anonymous said...

Mythbusters!!!! That is so flippin Cool! I would ask them what they think would happen if you combined mento's and a soda bottle.

The Knitting Gnome said...

Two questions:
1. Does crochet really use more yarn than knitting (and does it vary based on stitch pattern)?
2. Can you really hijack a plane with a size 0 bamboo dpn or will people laugh at you brandishing what they can only assume is a toothpick?

Sandy said...

I love them!!!!! So wish I lived in fla now! getting them to knit would be so cool.

wv beth said...

I would ask them how I can get off of sleeve island.

Lorena said...

We thought that a good question to ask would be "is it true that if you're knitting on straights/dpns in the passenger seat of your car, and the airbag is deployed, that you could be killed by a knitting needle". But then we thought that knowing us, the question would come out something like "hee hee hee! You're so cute! We love you! Hee hee hee! Shop at Hanks Yarn and Fiber! Hee hee hee!".

So we refrained.