Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Five: The Alphabet of Hanks (part three)

H is for Haldesoap, our house brand of soap. Have you tried our new scent, Fresh Baked Bread? Mmmmmmmm!

I is for Intarsia, of which you should not be afraid! In fact, we'll be having an Intarsia class in late June (stay tuned for more info on that later this month).

J is for Juice, which we keep in the fridge. It's a great mixer! (Hey, cut me some slack... I walked around the store twice and couldn't come up with something that started with "J". Which means, of course, that I'll turn around after hitting "post" and see just the perfect thing!)

K is for Karaoke, our favorite yarn for Entrelac. It comes in all kinds of colors and just worked out so perfectly for our class pillows.

K is also for Kits. We have purse kits, dye kits, sweater kits, afghan kits, and have also recently been ordering kits from Prism based on their patterns. I can not tell you how cute those come, too! We just got in one for a teddy bear that I really am itching to photograph and blog about. You will not be able to escape the gravitational pull of the cuteness!

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