Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Five: The Alphabet of Hanks (part four)

L is for Lantern Moon. We love the Lantern Moon! We've got needles (straight in rosewood and ebony, the new Destiny circular line in both rosewood and ebony, and the Sox Stix which... wait for it... come in rosewood and ebony *and* come in the cutest little bag); baskets (a few different sizes, some in natural and some with colors); sheep tape measures; and for about a minute-and-a-half we had the most adorable sheep door mats (they sold out that day, but we plan on getting more).

M is for Malabrigo. Do we really need to say anything more about Mmmmmmalabrigo? Mmmmm.

N is for Needle Felting. We have many needle felting supplies (we've also had one fun class on needle felting and plan for more in the future) including single needles, sets of needles, kits with patterns, and sets of different colored fibers.

P is for Purse Handles, which are great for when you've crocheted or knitted up that purse and either didn't leave enough for a handle or are worried that the yarn might not be sturdy enough for a handle.

P is also for Prism Yarns, who are somewhat local to us (three hours away, that's local enough that we can get down there and tour the Prism Fun Factory every now and then). From their website:

Prism hand dyed yarns are well known for their clear, intense colors and the high quality of their fibers. Prism is most famous for their "Stuff" yarns, consisting of 30-40 color and gauge coordinated yarns that are tied together end to end by hand.

In addition to five types of Stuff, Prism hand dyes a full range of luxury and novelty fibers. Creative Director, Laura Militzer Bryant, trained as a fine artist in color and textiles, and is a life-long knitter. She has written numerous books on knitting, in addition to creating the inspiring design collections that Prism introduces every spring and fall.
One thing that we love about Prism is that you can order kits for all of their patterns, and the kits are just as cute as pie!

Millie Topper kit

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