Friday, June 18, 2010

Third Thursday Spinners

We had an absolute blast last night - if you didn't come by, you seriously missed a party.

Third Thursday Spinners

1. Everybody in the front, 2. Everybody in the back, 3. Spinners, and a class, 4. Spinners, 5. Ginger on her Golding, 6. Me on the Golding, 7. Becca on the Golding, 8. Spin, Rachel! Spin!, 9. Sneaking a photo, 10. Spinning wheels, 11. Friendly faces, 12. Greg and Caitlin, 13. The Golding, 14. Greg on the Golding, 15. Caitlin on the Golding, 16. Sharon on the Golding, 17. Sharon on the Golding, 18. A room of happy, 19. Group shot, 20. Happy birthday, Caitlin!, 21. The fun begins, 22. Oh yeah, and we have shop models for sale, 23. The painted lady, 24. Happy wheels

We are working hard to line up a place to still have spinning on the third Thursday of the month; it may or may not be the same place we have Stitch 'n' Bitch on Sundays - please stick with us as we work on this, and keep checking back here because we will post when we find a place!

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