Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The one where the fat lady cleared her throat as if to sing and we punched her in the face and stole her stupid Viking helmet.

Dear wonderful, supportive fiber enthusiasts; this is a hard post to write.

Hanks, as you know it, is going to be undergoing some pretty dramatic changes in the next month -- we're going to have to close the doors to the bricks-and-mortar portion of our store, and go to online shopping only.

- Starting on Wednesday, June 9th, everything in the shop (excluding items we'll be selling in the online shop, which we will squirrel away in order to sell online) will be 20% off. That pricing structure will run through the 14th.
- Starting on Wednesday, June 16, everything remaining in the shop will be 25% off. That pricing structure will run through the 21st.
- June 23rd - 30% off.
- June 24th - 35% off.
- June 25th - 40% off.
- June 26th - 45% off.
- Sunday, June 27th will be our last day with doors open, and everything in the shop will be 50% off.

Please don't wait hoping to pick something up at 50% off if you really want it - we can not hold items for anyone. Speaking of hold, if you have items on hold, please pick them up during the 20% off week; on the 16th everything in the office will be put on the sales floor.

-Non-barcoded items, such as the furniture, will be priced as marked.
-All sales are final.
-Returns on merchandise purchased before Wednesday, June 9th will be accepted until June 23rd. All other return policy requirements will be in effect. No returns will be accepted at all after June 23rd.
-We will maintain our regular hours throughout the sale: Wednesday through Monday, 10am-7pm.
-Discounts do not apply to phone, internet, or email orders unless you are using a gift certificate.
-Gift certificates will be honored for all merchandise and 'garage sale' items until closing. We plan to convert existing gift certificates into online gift certificates but we won't know how that will work until we get the new webstore in place.
-Any special orders that you've placed will be handled on a case by case basis. There will be no discount on these special orders other than the normal frequent customer discount that you may already be receiving.

A note about current Classes: As a matter of accident, classes on our current schedule run through the end of June. Anything that will get canceled will only get canceled because not enough people sign up. There won't be another schedule (unless maybe in the future we can find a place in which to hold classes) and for that we are deeply sorry. As an aside to teachers - we totally love you gals; you have absolutely rocked our worlds with your endless wells of talent and patience and creativity. Our classes have the great reputation they have because of you.

A note about Sunday Stitch 'n' Bitch - if anyone has any ideas about where it might be able to be held, speak up! So far the only idea we've come up with is at the new cafe being built in Book Gallery West across the parking lot from us (and we haven't even spoken to them about it, so no guarantee). From what I understand, libraries are out of the question as you can only reserve one room per month (unless you want to travel to different libraries, but that might get too confusing to keep the group together).

We *will* still be selling online (local delivery/pick-up is not out of the question), so keep your eye on the website to catch our big 4th of July sale! We'll be selling spinning fibers from Holly Birch Fibers and Ewephoric Fibers, Holly Birch Handspun, Haldesoap, Haldespun, and of course Perhaps Today is a Good Day to Dye -- in fact, there's REALLY good news about that because we'll be branching out almost immediately into sport and worsted weight yarns (special orders are welcome!) in addition to the sock and laceweights. We will continue having a sock club (so don't worry if you're expecting yarn in August - you'll still get it; and we have big plans for 2011 colorways!), and we're also going to be introducing a fiber club and a special surprise birthday club (more on the last two things later).

While some of the vendors we love do not sell to shops that are only online, there are some that do so we might not have many of them at first, but we do plan on building back up as much as we can. We hope that our fiber fiends, I mean, fiber FRIENDS, don't give up hope on us having access to those even if it does take a couple of months to get back into shape. And we hope to have tables at GLAM, Florida Fiber-In, and other reasonably local shows (SAFF, the Destin Spin-In). We will continue to be active on Ravelry, Facebook, and our blog (and hopefully with many of you in person) and we hope that you'll continue to comment on our posts, laugh at our jokes, and talk back to us on Twitter.


Lorna said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Your shop was on our list of "Places we must go when we go through Gainesville." Hopefully you will continue to carry the Good Day to Dye yarns as I don't know what I would do if I can't find Sock Monkey yarn!

DariceMoore said...


(On the other hand, I can order online...)

Your shop was a pleasant and lovely place to visit, and I was looking forward to dropping by again when I came through G-ville. I'm glad your "Perhaps Today" yarns will still be available online!

Corrina said...

And it's been so long since I've been out there. I'm so sorry, but we definitely need to make other plans! Love you guys!

Kristin said...

I has a really big sad. I will miss Hanks! Even though it was a bit of a drive, it is one of my two favorite LYSs. Best of luck with the new adventure! XOXO

Beth C said...

Well, dang it, Hanks was #1 on my places to stop if I ever hit Gainesville. Good Luck with the online shop!

Helen said...

This makes me so sad. I am at a loss for words...

Ryepup said...


Tonia said...

Makes me sad that you're closing the physical doors...but so glad to hear that you'll continue online.

Regarding SnB, here are a few thoughts (all have coffee, wine, and dessert available)...

Maude's Cafe (next to the Hippodrome)
Original Pizza Palace
Book Lovers Cafe (used to be Sabine Music)
Coffee Culture

Don't know if any of these will work, since I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for...

Diane Gow McDilda said...

Big (((hugs))) to you and Sharon.

Brian said...

I am so sorry.

Melonie said...

I am so sorry! You all have made Hanks a truly special place and a wonderful community. It will be missed. I look forward to seeing you all at SnB and good luck with the online shop!

Liz said...

Tears are the only thing appropriate. I'm lost for words. All my love.

Anonymous said...

I will miss you guys.. your shop was my favorite store in town.

woolwoman said...

I am so sad to hear you are having to close your wonderful store - it was always a huge treat to come there - I will continue to watch, listen and hopefully buy on line going forward. {{{Hugs to you all }}} Melody

laurel said...

Dear Ladies, I was so sorry to find that your shop had closed. I visit Gainesville twice a year from San Diego to see my wonderful dad and on recent trips I have enjoyed stopping in to see what's new at your shop. I've gotten some excellent advice and beautiful yarn on past visits. I am so glad to see that you are still active, just in different form. I wish you the best of luck! Oh, and I wonder what became of the knitted Chthulhu (sp??)? My 14 yr old son would want to know!

Lorena said...

@Laurel - thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to us that people from out of town loved to come and see us.

As far as Cthulhu, he came home with me, where he is sitting next to another one I have who is dressed up like Elvis. ;-)