Monday, November 30, 2009

Revisiting my 2009 afghan squares

(Continued from here.)

When last we left our intrepid hero afghan, it was lying on the floor in pieces, dejected because I pitched a number of squares and didn't like the color combo of the squares who were left.

Over-dyeing, however, can be your friend!


In progress: 2009 afghan

Am I maybe color-blind?

Clearly it's time to talk to myself as if I were a customer asking for help.

Self, what don't you like about these squares?
- I don't like the variation in color. In hindsight, I should really have stuck to one color, maybe two. I know, I know, I was knitting from stash for a gauge... but next time I should just buy the yarn in bulk.

Anything else?
- I also don't like the white as a border/tie-in, especially since over-dyeing the lightest squares in a darker color. I feel it jumps out too much. Especially since I ran out of the tweedy white and switched to a bright white.

Well, then, self; I have two bits of advice. One is to consider over-dyeing everything, even the ones you've already done, in black. The other thing to consider is getting a different, darker color yarn to do the borders (did you really just spell that "boarders"?!). Rip out the white - you're going to be dyeing those squares anyway - and redo all of the borders/tie-ins all in the same color. Perhaps a brown, or dark red. Either one of those would look good with the black.
- Hey... that might work. Thanks, self!

Stay tuned, hopefully for the resolution...

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Erin Curry said...

Maybe you could also keeping a couple the same for color, seems like you have a few sets of three or four squares that match fine. Either the browns with the navy blues (maybe add in the darker greens) or the teal and brown set) or whatever. Pick the set you like and play with placement. See if you can find a balanced composition, then overdye the rest black.
Though if you dye them all black then you can choose a nice playful color to use as a border.