Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Kromski Wheel

Oh spinners! And wannabe spinners! Have we got some exciting news for you. Kromski Spinning Wheels has announced a new wheel in the making - the Fantasia! It won't be released until the new year, so we haven't gotten our grubby little paws on one yet, but it looks to be divine. I can't stop thinking about it myself! The setup is similar to the Louet Julia (My favorite wheel in the whole world.), but retails at a much lower price ($478). A single drive with a Scotch tension, the flyer just pops right off for quick, easy bobbin changes. Ratios run from 5:1 all the way up to 20:1 (with additional whorls).

We've got one on order, and I'll let you know when it makes it to the shop so we can all try it out together!

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