Thursday, November 5, 2009

The one where nobody asks me for color advice, ever again.

It's November, and while there will be a December square, I won't be making it (Sharon is doing December, and BOY HOWDY! is it going to be a nice one!) so I decided it was time to start thinking of how my afghan is going together. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Apparently I have been smoking crack for the last eleven months... because even though I told myself that (1) using lots of different colors is OK because the crazy quilt look will come together in the end and (2) that minor fluctuations in size are OK because that will all work out in the blocking... HAHAHAHAHA.

In progress: 2009 Afghan

Sigh... above is the potential layout of my afghan, minus the six squares I took out after much moving of squares around. I took out a handful, even though I wanted a bigger afghan, because the bright green and bright blues that were in them really just didn't mesh well with the muted colors of the rest of the squares. HOWEVER... after I took them out and fretted a bit over (1) having a smaller afghan than I wanted or (2) knitting a few more squares to make it bigger or (3) doing a log-cabin sort of border around it to make it bigger... I thought, "I can overdye the squares I don't like!"... and that's what I've done. They're drying now... so the above layout will change. Good thing I'm only crocheting borders around the smaller ones to make them all the same size, and haven't actually started putting them together!

I'll keep you all posted. I know the rest of you knitting squares are on the edge of your seats...!

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