Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Five: Five online tutorials we find quite helpful

Of course the first shout-out has to go to; it's like that best friend who you call at 2 in the morning when you can't work something out. We recommend this not only to all the new knitters who come in the shop, but also to people who have been knitting for a while. There's always something to learn! My question for the crocheters: if there is a site out there that does the same thing, for crochet...? Please, please let us know!

Socks 101 is extremely helpful to the new sock knitter in all stages of sock construction. I just about lived with this page up on my computer for the first pair of socks I knit, and I just can't recommend it enough.

Techniques with Theresa has help for anything from casting on to binding off, including in-between things like seaming, cables, and buttonholes. Grab a cuppa and sit for a while and read through the articles!

The Yarn Harlot is always full of tidbits of help, but her tutorial on how to fix a cable needs to be bookmarked by every knitter facing a cable project. Trust us. At one point, you'll need this information.

Last - but certainly not least - is TECHknitting (TM). Full of information that you might never think to ask until the very moment you need it (do you know how to line your hats with polar fleece?), she is absolutely full of knowledge that other sites just don't go into. And her illustrations are fantastic!

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