Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Five: Five locally owned places we like to go

Are you about to move to Gainesville (students, we're looking at you!), relatively new here, or just curious about our little town? As local business owners, we are always looking for ways to keep our money in the hands of our neighbors who also own local businesses. Here are five places where we feel great about spending our money -

The Gainesville Community Playhouse
Lorena can't go to a production here without seeing someone she knows, either in the cast or in the orchestra pit. Which makes it even more fun! The next show they have coming up is the musical "The Secret Garden"... and if you go, you can spot something hand-knit by Sharon!

Book Gallery West
This is a lovely little bookstore directly across the parking lot from Hanks. They have mostly used, some new, and they also carry a great selection of cards and gift-like items. There's a rumor going around that they're putting in a coffee bar, which will certainly up the traffic between our two shops!

Wards Supermarket
This may be the last locally owned grocery store for ... well, miles. We can't go on enough about their fantastic cheese selection (we loves us some cheese around these parts), and they also carry bulk items from rice to granola to nuts, locally produced jams and honeys, Sweetwater coffee, locally made breads, locally grown vegetables... should we go on?

Northwest Seafood
This is *the* place to get fresh seafood. Tired of all that frozen and thawed mess you get at large chain grocery stores? Go. Run. Now. If you're looking for it, they probably have it (and have it fresh).

The Hippodrome State Theatre
This is a three-for-one; you can go for the plays, or the independent films that don't make it to the big theater chains, or the art gallery. The Hipp is the hub of the downtown area and a lot of great little shops have grown up around it in the Sun Center (coffee at Maude's, anyone?).


stephanie said...

Sweet Dreams Homemade Ice Cream!

MauveFrog said...

Hanks Yarn and Fiber, of course!


Satchels (goes without saying, like Hanks :-) )

For those of us a little longer in the tooth, the newly re-opened Pizza Palace brings back fond, fun memories

Brophy's is a new non-smoking Irish pub near Market Street. I'm not sure it has a sign yet and I doubt I spelled the name correctly.

This pub is new, but the owner is a long-time Gainesville pup owner. I've enjoyed participating in Irish music sessions there, as well as hearing poetry readings.

Miguel's on the corner of University and Main is a great place for fine-dining Italian.

Oh... and when the weather is nice, just to sit and knit at a local park - like the Devil's Millhopper - is wonderful. That's locally owned isn't it? I mean... Pan-derived mythical creatures have to live somewhere.

Sherry said...

I just found a new Mexican restaurant that has replaced Las Margaritas as my favorite ethnic food source. The restaurant is "El Amigo" behind Sonic on NW 39th Ave. Their food and prices are great, and they aren't crowded (yet).