Monday, May 19, 2008

The Hanks Question of the Week

I'm pretty sure we've previously talked about clubs and how y'all feel about them, but let's revisit!

The reason?

How would y’all feel about us offering a sock club?

We’d offer the club for a year, with one new colorway every other month (so, a total of six colorways). There’d be two ways to join - one option for all six, and an option for two sets of three (that way someone who didn’t have a lot of time, or wasn’t a fast knitter, could join for a three-shot).

It wouldn’t be limited to in-store; we would offer it on our website as well, so that our regulars who are far away could have a chance to join.

The price would be for just the yarn (maybe some swag). We would not do the yarn-and-pattern thing together. I don't know about y'all, but I feel a tremendous guilt if I don't like the pattern, or that colorway with that pattern, and don't want to knit it up-- and we don't want anyone to feel that way! Maybe next year if the club is popular and we get requests; but not for this first one.

Our ulterior motive would be for testing out new colorways for things to later offer in the shop, and also new/different base yarns. We would be asking for feedback on (if you like them we’d offer them in the shop after the club is over; if you don’t like them, hey– exclusive yarn for you!), how the yarn works up, and that sort of thing. In order to encourage feedback, we would offer prizes for a variety of things that we haven’t yet set in stone (best percentage of yarns worked up, best self-designed pattern, etc.).

So… we’re not asking for firm sign-ups right this second, but is this idea something that you’d find interesting?


Knit Kimber Knit said...

I would be intersted, I love to knit socks and would be super interested. Maybe there could be a sit n knit day for those in the clubs?

Glimmerite said...

Ooo! I second the knit kimber knit's comment! It would be awesome to have a sit n knit day for the club. :D Heh.

dizzykooky said...

Sign me up! It sounds fantastic!

jacquieblackman said...

I have to admit that I don't knit fast enough to be in a club but it seems you're making it easy for a slowpoke like me. I agree with the pattern issue. Maybe that's why I never joined one. Also I like that you have incentives... I seem to work well with incentives. ;-) You might be able to convince me to do a 3 month typa-thing. Depends on cost, of course!

Betharoopie said...

What Jacquie said! ;)

Laurie said...

I don't knit very fast either but I'd be interested in joining the sock club. Cost is a factor. I'd also be interested in a Club Sock Night. I think it would be great for all the club members get together. I like that we wouldn't be committed to doing a particular pattern.