Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five: Five things to do with sock yarn scraps

Have a few yards, or quite a few yards, left over from that pair of socks? Here are some things you can do with it -

1. There's a pattern in the new Little Box of Socks (we're out right now but should be getting it back in soon) that is for a pair of socks made with one solid color and many spare ball ends. It's sort of a honeycomb look, and believe me it's on my list to try out!

2. Cupcakes are cute, and also a good way to use up those odd buttons from random sewing projects!

Mmm cupcakes

3. Macrame bracelets or necklaces, with beads on them. Like the hemp ones that all the cool kids wear, only made from sock yarn (which makes them even more cool)!

4. Mitered Square afghans (I hope Knitting Gnome doesn't mind if I link to hers on Ravelry).

5. You could make the cutest baby booties of all time; Saartje's Bootees.

Saartje's Bootees, finished

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