Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Five: Five reasons why Sharon isn't around this week

You may have noticed that Sharon has been mysteriously absent this week. Here are five reasons (four of them not true) why she might be gone...

1. She has been abducted by Aliens (the Boo'Klay race) and forced into slave labor on the fourth Moon around the planet Akrillik.
2. She has gone to beautiful West Virginia for a yearly family visit.
3. She is finally having knee surgery and can't get off the couch.
4. Her husband started knitting, raided her stash, and now she's in jail for clubbing him senseless.
5. She's decided to let go of all her earthly possessions and is now barefoot and dirty, following a Grateful Dead cover band from city to city, selling peanut butter sandwiches to survive.


Anyone have anything they'd like to see as a Friday Five...? Clearly I'm running low on topics.


The Knitting Gnome said...

Here are some Friday Five ideas:
1. Five things to do with sock yarn scraps.
2. Five favorite patterns (aren't there now 5 scarf patterns...that could work too)
3. Five different dye techniques (maybe to go with the dye bar)
4. I don't know enough about spinning to suggest a Friday Five that is specific other than Five reasons to try spinning (maybe next time you have an upcoming class).
5. Five favorite free tutorials on the internet.

Lorena said...

Those are FANTASTIC ideas, thank you! Clearly I need to come to you first, next time my brain shuts off! ;p

Glimmerite said...

abducted by Aliens

Mwu ha ha ha! I'd like to see that actually happen. Or the attempt thereof. As I'm sure that she'd give them a fight. :D