Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's all about the socks!

If you've never noticed our Wall o' Sock Yarn (And how could you not? Come on. It's right there!), you might not know how very much we love socks here at Hanks. In order to enable... ahem... pass this passion on to you, we've recently received a couple of books I'd like to tell you about.

The first is Charlene Schurch (Pronounced 'church'! Really!) and Beth Parrott's Little Box of Socks. Lorena squeeeed when she opened up this little gem! The 'book' is a, well, little box. Tucked inside are 20 laminated cards, each with its own sock pattern. Perfect for tossing in your knitting bag without worry! The patterns vary from simple and charming to more complicated colorwork. If you enjoy Charlene's other books, you should definitely add this one to your wish list.

The other book we now carry is Janet Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood's Crocheted Socks! Socks aren't just for knitting, you know! The patterns in this book look so comfy and cozy. Quite a few different stitch patterns are featured, and some of the socks even have those cute separated toes. This is a fun, bright book that will bring joy to many crocheters who haven't yet had a reason to purchase sock yarn.

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