Monday, March 17, 2008

The Civil War came and went

We had a great time this last weekend with The Golden Teacup Society. We are hoping to get them back again in a few months, and they'll be happy to give demonstrations on everything from spinning to knitting to 1800's fashion tips!

Civil War mosiac

1. Ginger at the Walking Wheel, 2. Walking Wheel demonstration, 3. The Walking, or Great, Wheel, 4. Spin baby spin!, 5. This is the life, 6. Ladies, knitting and spinning, 7. Ladies, spinning and knitting, 8. Beautifully attired, 9. How to cast on, 10. Full skirts, 11. Men knit, too, 12. The group (2)

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Diane / said...

Lorena - as I said in my other e-mail - we had an awesome time as well. You girls are great. Surely wish I were closer - my purse doesn't, but hey - who needs to eat anyway, right? :-)

By the way - Ginger - what was that book we were talking about? The one you are currently reading? xxxxx xxxxx bet two??