Friday, January 22, 2010

Ten reasons to come to our plaza

A lot of people come to our plaza to grocery shop - Publix is just right across the parking lot. Sadly, it's closing on the 23rd of this month - but only long enough to be rebuilt - and it will also be taking over the spot next door and so will be almost twice as big.

But here are ten other good reasons to still come to the Millhopper Square area -
1. Us - Hanks Yarn and Fiber!
2. Leonardo's Pizza
3. The Artisan's Guild
4. Alternatives
5. Wild Birds Unlimited
6. Gifts of Avalon
7. Book Gallery West
8. Bagel Bakery
9. Roly Poly
10. The Post Office

Just because we won't have a grocery store nearby for a few months is no reason to keep driving by - clearly our little corner still has a lot to offer! And don't forget, Fresh Market is just across the street!

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