Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seaming my afghan

I took this at the night of our seaming party, and unfortunately haven't gotten too much farther than this (but for good reasons, as we've been busy in the shop). This is the start of my seaming together, the first strip of five. Then I plan to put borders around the next five, seam them together like this, and then seam the two sets of five together (ultimately my afghan will be 5x5, in case I forgot to blog about that).

Hopefully I will have something more to show you about this time next week!


msmcraft said...

I am just finishing my afghan, I've been doing it long distance, thanks for all the hard work! I was disappointed to see nothing for 2010, does this mean you haven't had a chance to post it? [fingers crossed]Are you putting pictures of finished projects somewhere?

Hanks said...

Hi msmcraft! We're so glad you're having a good time doing the afghan, and we can't wait to see finished pictures. Are you on Ravelry? If so, you can associate your finished afghan with this one.

We are taking a break for 2010, and focusing on some things in the shop, but we'll be back in 2011 with a brand new afghan!