Monday, February 9, 2009

New patterns!

We are VERY proud to announce that as of last week we began carrying Zephyr Style patterns! Many of you have seen the Green Gable I made last year (in red, not in green) and we are so happy to have these patterns available in the shop now!

New patterns!

Right now we have Glee, Ms. Marigold, Rusted Root, Wicked (I can't wait to make this!), Juliet, 28thirty, and of course Green Gable. You can see other Zephyr Style patterns here. Feel free to give us a shout if there's anything you'd like to see us add to our next order (which at the rate these patterns are moving, will be pretty soon).

We will be working on getting these, and other new patterns, up on the website over the next month. Until then, if you have a question about the patterns we will happily give you information over the phone (352.338.7222).


Hali said...

These patterns look great! Are there any copies of Wicked left?

Hanks said...

Wicked has been popular, I must say-- but there is one copy left! Give me a shout if you want me to put it on hold for you!