Saturday, February 28, 2009

More hand-knits than you can shake a stick at

Remember a few Saturdays ago when we were closed for a wedding? Caitlin and Greg had a beautiful, lovely wedding that (surprise) was full of hand-knits! We hope they don't mind if we post a photo showing off some of the fantastic shawls -

Showing off the shawls

And the beautiful bride, who wasn't wearing knitting but whose mother did make that stunning dress (and all of the outfits for the rest of the bridal party... yes, ALL). If you should ever be so lucky as to get to go to a wedding where most of the clothing is hand-made, you should really do it. The memory of squeals of "you look great!" and "you finished it!" are still making me smile.

We love you, Greg and Caitlin!

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