Friday, December 5, 2008

Discussion of the Month

Last month we talked about crocheting and knitting for pets (not too many of you do that!)... this month, let's talk about baby/kid/toddler projects! Do you knit for little people? How did the project turn out? Did you knock out a hat-and-booties set in a day? Or did you plan on making that newborn afghan.... and it turned into a fifth-birthday present?


glimmerite said...

The only little person I know is my niece. For her, I haven't yet knit things that require actual fitting. (As that would be hard with her 1440 miles away!) A few blankets and a scarf, I think. Next up, a little bag and possibly a winter headband. My brother's response to measuring his daughter's head was to send me a photo. Heh.

Lorena said...

Oh, that's funny! Like you can tell head size from a photo. Sigh!

I knit a lot for friends who are pregnant; I can churn out baby hats and booties like a machine! And I do knit a bit for my 5-yo god-daughter and her sister (less than I should...); ponchos and scarves and cardigans. I've also knit for my husband's nieces and nephews; hats, Harry Potter scarves. I really want to try knitting some toys next year, especially that owl from the Charmed Knits book for the Harry Potter fans in the family.