Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hanks Question of the Week

How many hours per week, on average, would you say that you spend crafting? And not necessarily knitting/crocheting/spinning, but time spent on any and all sorts of crafty endeavors?


Lorena said...

I'm pretty lucky in that not only do I love doing crafty things, but I have a job that is based on one of the crafty things that I love; therefore, I would say that I get... depending on how busy the week is and what other work commitments I have... between 15-45 hours a week spent doing crafty things. Knitting, spinning... and one day, really, I pinky swear, I am going to clean out my craft room and get some ceramics going again. Would you consider gardening a crafty endeavor? Because I plan on getting some of that done this Fall, and really rework my landscaping come next spring.

Anonymous said...

I'd say at least 5-7 hours a week, as I still work full time. My crafting is knitting and crochet and usually in the evenings. AND this does not count 2 Saturdays ago when I got up and started knitting at 5 am to finish a baby afghan for a shower that evening. (Finished 12 hours later at 5 pm---time enough to shower and get to the party at 7 pm. Woo hoo! Did have a little needle dent on the right hand though....)

glimmerite said...

For me, it depends on the week. (Or, more accurately, the clients.) Some weeks I will knit 20 hours while at work. Knitting at home depends on which hobby I am obsessed with at the time: knitting/reading/video games.

September has been made of fail in terms of time I've spent knitting. My last pair of socks took me three weeks. THREE! That is just ridiculous for me. So, I think I've been averaging 5 hours of knitting a week... for the first part of September anyways.

My knitting muse returned has actually returned.