Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Five: Five things that you're working on

Let's shake up the Friday Five (hello, is anyone reading this?) and get some answers from y'all. For this Friday Five, I'd like to hear five things that you're working on doing or getting done in your life, and they don't even have to be fiber related!

For instance, five things I'm working on are...
... scanning in about 60 years of old family slides and photos. It's taking fifty forevers, and I love it. Lately I've been on a roll, scanning for about an hour a day as I do other things around the house at the same time.
... learning new things to cook. I hate to cook, yet do most of the cooking in my household-- mostly for the reason that up until recently, in addition to being the Worlds Pickiest Eater, I was also a quasi-vegetarian. My husband is a steakatarian and didn't want to cook anything that would gross me out. Now I'm getting some adult-onset food allergies that are causing me to do almost a 100% change of my diet. So I'm studying cookbooks and trying new things.
... I'm working to reclaim my house from 13 years of living there and never quite unpacking everything. Yeah, I'm admitting that. Stuff in boxes for more than a decade. Yes; as I'm opening them, I am in fact throwing a majority of stuff away.
... being better about walking my dog. I need the exercise; she needs the exercise. She is, however, getting on in years and doesn't like to walk quite as long (she's also huge and hairy, and gets overheated easily). But I'm working on getting more of a routine of taking a walk every day that it's not raining in the morning.
... knitting! Yes, I know I just said that your five things didn't have to be fiber related. But fiber is why you're reading this blog, right?! So, I'm knitting. I'm working on September's scarf, a pair of socks, a cowl, a Dr. Who scarf, and for some reason, a long-sleeved pullover in 100% wool (those last two aren't seeing too much work, to be honest...).

So. Are there five things in your lives that you're filling your days with? Let us know what they are!


Anonymous said...

Good topic! Here's my list:

• Thoroughly unpacking. We've done the "mystery boxes that never got opened in any of the last four apartments" thing, and we're trying to break the cycle this time.

• Psyching myself up to go job-hunting.

• Putting photos in photo albums. (See: failing to unpack boxes.)

• Knitting Samus and the Fawkes socks before starting anything (else) new.

• Reading the books that I own but haven't yet read; getting rid of the ones I don't like/need.


Carla said...

I'll play:

1. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who still has unpacked boxes that are now years old.

2. Trying to turn a room full of craft stuff into a nicely organized, functional craft room (yarn, beads, polymer clay, and soon-to-be tapestry weaving). This will take years at the rate I am going.

3. Listening to the audible version of "John Adams"

4. Planning a garden around my patio.

5. Performance tuning a DB2 database (for my day job, of course).