Friday, July 4, 2008

Knitty Gritty Knitsters on the DIY Network (?)

Rumor has it that the DIY Network has/will be running a one-hour special with Vickie Howell. :insert girly fan-girl "squee" here:

From her blog -
I traveled the country collecting squares (that would be pieced together to form blankets) from Knitsters everywhere from Charleston, South Carolina to Los Angeles, California. We chatted with fellow stitchers ranging from 20-something indie musicians who knit in between gigs, to great-grandmothers who can't remember a time in their lives when they weren't holding a pair of needles.

We can't wait to see it (we loves us some Vickie Howell and Knitty Gritty around here)! But here's the deal (since I missed the original run yesterday); the DIY Network is claiming that they're re-running it July 8th, 16th, and 31st at 12:30 Eastern time. But according to the schedule on my DVR, I don't see it on July 8th (digital cable, DIY is channel 265, right...?). So if you are local to Gainesville and happen to see a notice of where/when it's showing, could you please comment here?

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