Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Hanks Question of the Week

Let's talk about classes (previously we've talked about your dream class).

Do you like classes that are one-day workshops? Or multi-week classes? Do you like general classes on learning new skills, like how to steek or do a buttonhole? Or classes based on a specific project, like a shawl or a cardigan?


Anonymous said...

Classes sound great to me. I'd be interested in multi-week classes that you could bring a project and get help on a current project or learn new skills. Just the chance to get help and enjoy the camaraderie of other knitters is great.


Lorena said...

Up until I went to Knitter's Connection, I thought that a multi-week class revolving around a project was where my heart was. But now I have a newfound love for a class that teaches a variety of things in one sitting! But I also agree with Marcia in that camaraderie is fantastic.

bettlejuice said...

At this point in my knitting , I like genreral information classes. A monthly class that was for a long term project is appealing too.
knit ya later