Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Question for the Crocheters

I know, I know, I rely on y'all a lot! It's mostly because I can barely crochet my way out of paper sack (I mean, really, you have seen this, right? Who in their right minds would have let me finish that?!). Obviously I trust your judgment better than I trust my own.

Could anyone recommend either some hot crochet books, or a pattern line, that you'd like to recommend we carry in the shop? Feel free to email us if you don't feel like commenting. We'd really appreciate your input.

Thanks, y'all!


dropstitchknitter said...

I really like Jan Eaton's books - I have one that gives stitch patterns in both Knit and Crochet.

iamzuul said...

Doris Chan has some gorgeous designs, and all very simple patterns for how complex they look. Better Homes and Gardens also has a series of small, four or five pattern books that cover everything from afghans to washclothes to toys to clothing - they're usually quite nice.

knitknaked said...

I learned from a book called "Hip to Crochet" from Interweave Press - it had clear instructions and nice-looking patterns. Also, anything with amigurumi, the little Japanese crocheted animals, would probably be very popular.

Laurie said...

For a magazine, I would recommend Crochet Today. It's put out by Coats & Clark. What I like about this particular magazine is they don't devote an entire issue to just one topic like many of the other crochet magazines.

Leisure Arts puts out some very nice books, booklets, etc.