Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let's talk about some stuff


Hahaha! I slay me! Get it? Prism "Stuff" yarns? Let's talk about some "Stuff"? Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. Please try the veal.

No, but seriously. We're slowly working on building up our base of the "Stuff" yarns; Cool Stuff, Light Stuff, Neat Stuff, and Wild Stuff. While we don't have everything, we have twice as much as we had a few weeks ago-- and we order a little more every week. This week I want to especially point out two new colors, Gelato (Light Stuff) and Freesia (Cool Stuff). We didn't order a lot - just testing the waters - but can easily get more if a color strikes your fancy and you want more than what we have right now.

I really want to thank the customers who are loyal Prism lovers; I've had many a back-and-forth, wonderful email discussion with a couple of you and I very much appreciate your insight, advice, and most of all, the time you take out of your day to talk with us!

Please keep letting us know what you like in the Prism line; we've only been special ordering once a week for two or three weeks now but the results have been fantastic. Thanks, y'all!

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