Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So long; and thanks for all the fish.

Dear friends and loved ones;

It's been a long year since we made the decision to close the bricks and mortar shop and go online. That year has seen many new opportunities open up for the three of us. What I'm about to say will not affect the current fiber and sock clubs - those will still arrive as scheduled in your mailboxes and hot little hands - but starting tomorrow, June 22nd, we will begin the process of closing the online portion of Hanks Yarn and Fiber.

As I said, this will *not* affect your status in the current fiber and sock clubs; Sharon will continue to dye and mail the fiber clubs, and Lorena already has great plans for not only the final August installment of the sock club (you should all have hopefully received the June shipment by now) but also for more sock clubs in the future, as she will be folding her yarn dyeing activities into her current job at HaldeCraft.

Starting tomorrow, look for discounts to begin showing up on the Hanks Yarn and Fiber online shop until we close that out (after approximately July 15th, any remaining stock will be moved to Etsy). You may also contact us at the Hanks email address until then as well. We will no longer be using our Twitter feed (although, man, were there some great in-shop customer quotes on that or what?!) or updating our Facebook page.

Sharon will soon be taking on more duties at Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Shelter, where she has been working for the last year (you can also find them on Facebook). She looks forward to continuing to see people sometimes at the Sunday Stitch 'n' Bitch, or whenever there is an in-town Roller Derby meet. She will continue to dye and mail out the fiber club.

Ginger continues to work full-time at the University of Florida, and her fibery adventures can be followed over at Ewephoric Fibers, where she and Jane process some of the most beautiful fiber you will ever see and touch. You can also find them on Facebook. Ginger and Jane also look forward to the occasional Sunday SnB, and also fiber events like the upcoming Florida Fiber-in, in Orlando this coming September.

Lorena can be found where she has been for the last year, making soaps and ceramics - and now dyeing yarn - for HaldeCraft (which you can also find on Facebook). She will continue to dye and mail out the sock club, and should anyone wish to join the next sock club she will be posting information about that soon on the HaldeCraft Facebook page and her blog. She will also continue, after Hanks closes completely, to dye some of the most popular colorways in a variety of bases. She can't promise all the colorways, but previous customers looking to get another skein or two of an old Hanks colorway should definitely drop her a line -- she'll be happy to custom dye anything you need.

Ginger and Lorena encourage you to stick with them still on Ravelry, where they will shortly be changing the name of the Hanks group to reflect the two business they have started (Ewephoric Fibers and HaldeCraft). They will be sharing the group so that people interested in both of them do not have to go searching for information.

Please contact us should you have any questions, and don't forget us. We love all y'all, and Hanks couldn't have been what it was without you.

-- Ginger, Lorena, and Sharon


Anonymous said...

Sending so much love to all of you. I remember when you first called me about the store. The Hanks sticker still holds a place of honor on our beer fridge, 2500 miles away. We send you strength and blessings for everything you do in the future and KNOW that we'll see y'all again. You're just too important to us. Much love - Betharoopie and Joe

Lorena said...

Beth, one of my favorite shop memories is that time that Sharon left to run errands, and came running back into the store. I thought she'd forgotten her phone so didn't pay much attention when two people came in behind her. I think I'd asked you if there was anything I could help you with before I realized it was you and Joe! GOOD TIMES! *smooches*

Denise said...

Sniff. Sniff. I love y'all.

Stefani said...

I love you ladies. Good luck, and see you around!

Laura said...

You'll be greatly missed. Much love to everyone and huge huge huuuuge wishes for luck in everybody's new endeavors.

The Importance of Being Me said...

I love you guys. Not only did Hanks have awesome yarns, but I loved going to the store and feeling like I was part of a community. Not just a community of fiber enthusiasts, but a community of women and of my city. It really helped me feel like G'ville was finally home.

Thank you for everything.

woolwoman said...

peace and best wishes to you all

Anonymous said...
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