Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm dyeing over here!

We have a lot of special orders, but I will be dyeing for fun as well. When I dyed last month, many things sold out of the window, some even before it was dry. So if there's anything you've got a hankering for, tentative plans are for the following -

Bamboo ($22) - Chocolate Covered Fruit, Green Grass, Irish Coffee, Purple Raven, Sock Monkey, Vodka & OJ, and When Doves Cry.
Superwash BFL ($21) - Chocolate Covered Fruit, Hogtown, Laszlo, and Sock Monkey.
Superwash Merino ($20) - Chocolate Covered Fruit, Green Grass, Hogtown, Laszlo, Purple Raven, Sock Monkey, The 80's Have Called, and Vodka & OJ.

If you have not already placed a special order and would be interested in any of the above, we'd be happy to put your name on whatever you want and after everything is dyed, dried, and reskeined we will give you a shout!

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