Saturday, February 6, 2010

How does that yarn knit up? (part two)

Have you ever searched Ravelry for projects done up in a particular yarn before buying it, in case you don't like how it works up? Or gone ahead and bought it anyway, only to work it up in six different patterns before you find one you like? Well... we maybe can't help you with all yarns, but we can help you with the ones we dye ourselves!


Here is a swatch knitted up in our sock yarn, in the colorways we have dyed that are meant to spiral (swatches of multi and semi-solids coming later this month). From top down, knitted on US 1 needles in the round with a stitch count of 68, we have Witch's Heart, The 80's Have Called, Chocolate Covered Fruit, and Apple Harvest.

If you're on Ravelry and have knitted with any of these colorways, we'd love to see your projects added to our group, if you haven't done that already! Or if you're not on Ravelry, we also have a Flickr group and we'd love to see your photos there, too.


StasiaBirdKnits said...

how do you post to a group in rav? I've never done it before.

Lorena said...

How do you post to a Rav group? You're on Ravelry, right? You can post or comment in any group, I believe, even one you're not a member of. If you go to our group discussion page you can either comment on a thread that's already going, or click on "start a topic" to start a new one.

StasiaBirdKnits said...

um, I need to rephrase.
Is there a way to post my picture to the shared projects for the group?

Anonymous said...

Ah; on your Rav project page, in the right-hand column, there should be a red bar that says "groups" with a drop-down menu that should say "share with a group...". Click on that, and it should list all your groups - just choose Hanks!


-- Lorena@work

StasiaBirdKnits said...

Got It! Thank you. Now I will innudate you with all the projects I've made with yarns that you've dyed. Bwahahaha