Monday, October 26, 2009

Wheels & Fiber going on vacation!

(Making this sticky for the next week; scroll down for more recent posts)

We’re going to SAFF! And while the shop will still be open that weekend, all of our wheels, fiber, and Hanks sock yarns will be going to SAFF with Ginger.

We’re sorry if this inconveniences anyone who was planning to come to Gainesville that weekend to try out wheels/play with fiber/buy our line of sock yarn; but rest assured anything that doesn’t sell at SAFF will be back after the weekend!

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Fruiit said...

You guys make me wish I lived in Florida. I went to SAFF and got to meet Ginger. She was really sweet! I'm really glad I found you guys. I'll most definentely be buying more yarn/roving from ya'll soon!!