Monday, September 14, 2009

Countdown to Fiber-In (4 days)

Guess what's this Friday...? If you guessed the Florida Fiber-in - you'd be right. Are you going? We are!

Why should you go?

Besides the reasons we've already mentioned... you should go because we've overheard a lot of our customers are going-- and if you've ever met our regulars, our "Silk Hankies", if you will; you know that they are almost more fun than the law should allow. So you might be thinking "pshaw; Fiber-In is no Rhinebeck"... but we promise you that if you're hanging out with the Gainesville crowd, you'll have as much fun as it's possible to cram into a weekend without getting arrested!

Also, I see in looking at the vendor page that Picasso's Moon and Uncommon Threads are both going to be there. Not to lessen the oompf of anyone on the vendor's page that we aren't mentioning in this post, but we've been to both of those shops and love them equally. We trust that they will wow you with beautiful yarns and fibers and with the great attitudes of the folks behind those shops. If you love us, but have never met them-- trust us. You'll love them, too!

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