Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apple Harvest is now available!

The December 2008 sock club colorway, Apple Harvest, is now available for sale (this also means that if you are in the club and the colors just weren’t for you, feel free to sell or trade for something else).

We should have it up on our website by the end of the week in both Superwash Merino and Merino/Bamboo sock. Both yarns come in 400-yard skeins; the Merino retails for $20 and the Bamboo for $22.

Here are a pair of Leyburn socks by Lynn -

And I really stretched mine out by combining them with another yarn for a slipped-stitch pair of socks; so much so that I also had enough for a pair of knucks -

Apple knucks

We've made some executive changes to the colorway after feedback from club members; there is a little bit less dark green and dark brown, and about twice as much red.


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Anonymous said...

I need those mittens!! My office is frequently freezing (right now I have a space heater sitting on my desk cranked up to 78 degrees F) but I still need fingers free to type.