Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How does Malabrigo Sock yarn knit up, anyway?



(please ignore the cat hair on my toes)

I knit these socks over the Thanksgiving holiday, and wanted to wear them a few times before giving them an official review. Why? Because the Malabrigo Sock yarn looks beautiful, feels softer than the law should allow, and the colors are rich and deep. It seemed almost too good to be true! Fortunately, the finished object has held up to my original glee. I've washed the socks five or six times by now, by putting them in a lingerie bag and washing in the washer on warm (laying flat to dry) and they are just as soft and just as smooshy as they were when I finished knitting them. They do seem a bit denser around the heel when I've worn them all day, but the yarn has not felted at all, and looks just like new when I take them out of the wash.


scienceMonkey said...

Awesome! I thought the cat hair was on my computer monitor.

Erin said...

Oh, drool! Those are lovely socks. Daniel and I will definitely have to cave in and buy some Malabrigo sock yarn when we're down there in a couple weeks.

Janet said...

Simply gorgeous! I finished my first pair in Indiecita, and my daughter claimed them for herself when she was visiting for Christmas. Sigh! However, she bought me a hank of chocolate amargo for my Christmas gift and those have been cast on.